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Paris: A day at Versailles

During one of our days in Paris, we escaped the city for the Chateau de Versailles. The castle and gardens turned out to be huge, so we realized that it would take more than one day to be able to see everything at Versailles. 

We started off with a tour inside the main castle. This is a picture of the famous hall of mirrors. The rooms were crowded with tourists.
One of the rooms in the castle. 
The village of Marie Antoinette

Beautiful cottages

Even though we saw far from every part, the gardens were the true highlight of Versailles. You should have a bike or something to get around here, because it will take forever to walk through it all. 
After our trip to Versailles, we had dinner at a lovely restaurant named Eclectic near our hotel. It was a lovely last evening in Paris. 
They had a rather extensive dessert menu, and it took me a while to finally settle for their strawberry lychee panna cotta, which was a really good decision. 

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