A sunday at the beach

This was our last full day in Miami, and we started it off by heading to the Italian Bakery on our way to the beach for some delicious and sweet breakfast. We had a picnic at the beach, while enjoying the morning sun and the waves.

This has nutella on the inside. Dream. 

The weather wasn't that great today. 

 It was, a rather cloudy day so we got cold after 1-2 hours and decided to go to Collins Drive which is the main shopping street in Miami Beach. It is also the location of a store that I have been wanting to visit for a really long time. 

I am talking about Dash Miami, the Kardashians own store where they sell some of their own merchandise, as well as some designer clothes, accessories and scented candles. To be honest, the store is not that special. I didn't buy anything there, I might have bought something if Kylie had her make up line there ( because so far, I still haven't found better lip products than hers) and it would be nice to not have to worry about customs when buying her stuff. Anyway, after DASH, we went into a few other stores. Since it was Black Friday weekend, many stores had great offers, especially Victoria's Secret where we spent like an hour and came out with matching bras that were only 10 USD. Usually Victoria's Secret bras are a LOT more expensive, especially in Europe. 

Victoria's Secret 

Pretty flowers

After a while, the sun started to shine again and we went back to the beach for some more sun and waves until it was dinner time. This time, we went for dinner at place with a lot of seafood options and lovely Christmas decorations. I had a paella, which was a dream. Literally one of my favourite dishes ever. Of course, we got cocktails with our food. I had a peach mojito which was a dream, and a Chocolate Martini which was good, but not as good as the peach mojito. Miami really is the cocktail capital of the world. After a really good dinner, we went back home to do some packing and prepare for our very last day in the Florida sun. 
My dream cocktail

Paella, Juhee and I shared but Meli had to help us. The picture doesn't really show how big this portion was. 

Chocolate Martini


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