FriYAY in Miami

We started off our first full day in Miami by walking to South Beach. We bought breakfast at a coffeeshop on the way and had breakfast on the beach. Best breakfast view ever. The sun was shining and it was so amazing to feel the heat on your skin. The water had that lovely tropical turquoise shade and it was around 24 degrees in it. We just sat there, trying to take it all in. Summer in November, and only three hours away from Toronto is pretty hard to grasp. But that is why the first day on vacation is always the best one, you really appreciate every piece of the your new environment. Every palm tree is special, you feel like you're living in a dream, and everything is just so fun and exciting. 

South Beach 

First swim!

After about three hours, we were a bit tired of the beach, so we walked up along Ocean Drive, the most famous street in Miami where there are tons of touristy restaurants that have huge food portions and even bigger cocktails. The street itself is beautiful with a lot of palm trees and colourful art- deco styled buildings. We ended up at Starbucks and I had a Creme brûlée Frappuccino on their patio before we headed for some more time at the beach. By this time, the beach was very crowded (I mean, it is after all one of the most popular beaches in the world) and there were a lot of club promoters that walked up to us and wanted us to go to their clubs, which was annoying. We left the beach, went home, got ready and left the island of Miami Beach for Downtown Miami. We had dinner at a place that had really good salads, and walked around for a little bit.  After that, we went back to Miami Beach for some cocktails on Ocean Drive.

 Pretty houses along Ocean Drive

I love palm trees.

Afternoon beach time

 Juhee and I.

From Miami Beach to Downtown Miami

 Downtown Miami

 Downtown Miami

Ocean Drive has a completely different vibe during the night time, especially on a Friday. There was loud music, people everywhere, and tons of restaurants with pretty patios where you could sip those big cocktails that I previously mentioned. We ended up at an Italian place that had some good latino music (Like Bailando by Enrique Iglesias, I swear we heard it like 10 times!). The cocktail we shared was huge and it was frozen, half was mango and the other half was strawberry. It was literally one of the best cocktails I've ever had. 

 Ocean Drive by night

 A very fabulous cocktail.


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