I have been home for about two full days now. I have celebrated Christmas with my family, but unfortunately, most of my time has been spent staying at home. Tomorrow, I have been sick for a week, it was really bad last tuesday when I had my last exam and took it while having a fever. It got really bad again during my trip home. It is really nice to be home and not have to worry about anything, it is also nice to live in a slightly nicer home that the one I rented on campus in Canada. No more dirty carpet floors! I miss everyone that I used to hang out with in Toronto, but no one I know is there anymore. Everyone has gone back to their home countries. I have had some really great times in Toronto, but I have faced many challenges as well, and it has been really lonely sometimes. I was the only Swedish person there on exchange, so I have barely spoken Swedish at all for the past months. 

These past 2-3 weeks have been really intense. I have had at least one exam every week, I have packed, cleaned my apartment and at the same time tried to enjoy Toronto as much as possible. Its been really hectic, and my body punished me for it when I woke up with a really sore throat and high fever on Tuesday morning. I am starting to feel better, and as soon as I start doing other things than just staying inside my parents house and actually gone out and seen that I am in Sweden, i might have some more thoughts about being back and what it feels like. As it is now, I haven't really thought about what it is like being back, I am just focusing on getting better so I don't have to stay at home all the time. 


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