Last day in Miami

Today, we made a very exhausting decision, to wake up early and see the sun rise over the Atlantic Ocean. We actually managed to pull it off and be at the beach by 6:45 AM and we got to watch a really beautiful sunrise. The beach was almost empty and it was such a beautiful moment.

    Sunrise on South Beach


When the show was over, we grabbed breakfast at the Italian bakery and headed back to our apartment for some well-needed rest. After that, we wen out again to do some biking by the beach, and it was such a good way to see a lot of Miami Beach in a short time. The weather was great, the beach was beautiful, the water was stunning and I am really gonna try to bike more often when traveling because it is way more fun than walking. It is a little bit scary in traffic, especially in a new city, but it was fine in Miami. When we were done biking, we went back to our apartment and did a lot of packing since we had to check out. After that, we brought all of our luggage to the beach, really heavy but what else would we do with it? We went for some more beach time, enjoying our last moments in the sun. For lunch/ early dinner we went to TGI Fridays for a burger. We sat outside at their patio, looking at palm trees and really enjoyed our last moments in the tropics. We flew home in the evening, and were greeted with some cold weather, and we arrived totally ready for December and Christmas in Toronto. 


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