Saturday in Downtown Miami

Today we started off with a lovely Acai bowl for breakfast before heading to Miami's art district, Wynwood where we saw a lot of graffiti. We took a LOT of pictures, (just like everyone else) and saw a lot of cool art. 

Acai bowls. I have always thought that  these ar overrated, simply because my first one wasn't that good, but  these were amazing!!

A little boomerang from Wynwood

After that, we headed to Little Havana, which was really cool because of the cheerful vibe there. It was the day of Fidel Castros death (Cuba's most recent dictator) and everyone was celebrating his departure. Music was playing everywhere, people were dancing and waving the Cuban flag and we had basically picked the best day in years to visit Little Havana. We strolled along Calle Ocho, had some really good homemade ice cream and before leaving we went for tacos at a cozy Mexican place. It was basically the calm before the storm because after the tacos we were heading downtown and decided to try out Miami's public transit system. We were supposed to take one bus that was supposed to take 15 minutes. Far from true, because the bus made an unexpected turn, which we realized way too late and we ended up in a completely different place. We were in a rough looking neighbourhood where everything was in Spanish. We had no Wi-Fi so we just started walking towards Downtown. There was a lot of weird people around saying things to us, and trying to make contact (everyone tries to talk to you in Miami). After a while we found a McDonalds, which means Wi-Fi. We ordered a Uber, that couldn't find us for another 20 minutes. So we gave up on that option  and just kept walking. We were really lost, but happy that it wasn't cold outside. A group of construction workers yelled at us and called us Suicide Squad, I still wonder what they meant by saying that. I am guessing that it has something to do with three girls walking alone in a rough neighborhood in the outskirts of Miami. 
Ice cream time. I went for churro and coconut taste

In Little Havana

Lost in Miami 

Walking to downtown

After A LOT of walking, we made it to Downtown Miami and to a very crowded Bayside Marketplace which we quickly passed through. We continued to a beautiful park that was situated along the water and we walked through it on our way to the rooftop bar that we were heading to. The view just got better the closer to the bar we got. So many high rise buildings with amazing condos. Our rooftop bar was even more amazing, it had a pool, a ton of palm  trees, and a gorgeous view. We just sat there, in a sofa and sipped yummy cocktails as we were recovering from our long walk through the city. We stayed at the bar for a long time, but eventually we went back to the apartment and had a chill evening in with some Italian home-delivered food.

So strange seeing a Christmas tree and palm trees in the same photo. 

Bayside Marketplace. My grandparents like to hang out here. 

At the park

Rooftop bar lobby


Pool area

More of the view


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