The weekend we went to Miami

In November, Toronto started to get very cold, and I really wanted to travel a little bit more during my time here in North America. I wanted to go somewhere in the US since it is one of my favourite places to travel to, and for once in my life, the border is only an hour away by plane. I talked to a few of my friends, and after careful consideration, my Austrian friend Meli, and my South Korean friend Juhee and I decided to go to Miami, the largest city in The Sunshine state, known for great beaches, a tropical vibe and a sprawling nightlife. But Miami is so much more than that, which you will discover as you are reading my upcoming blog posts.

We flew out of a freezing, cloudy and rainy Toronto on a Thursday evening.
This is a Snapchat video by Meli  from Toronto Pearson Airport, the place where Juhee struggled way too much and where we had a lot of issues getting chips from the vending machines. 

 Bye Toronto

 Good evening, Miami

After three hours on the plane, and some gorgeous city views from the airplane window, we landed in a clear Miami Thanksgiving evening with an outside temperature of 26 degrees. Thrilled by the weather, and all the gorgeous christmas trees at the airport, we hopped on a bus that took us straight to Miami Beach where we had rented an apartment. When we were settled in, we went to an Italian restaurant nearby where we had some lovely Pizza and Bellini outside, on the patio in November.


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