Right before I left Toronto, I threw out a lot of empty, and nearly empty products, and now it's time to talk about a few of them.

1. Victoria's Secret Mini Heavenly perfume
In September,  I bought a bra at Victoria's Secret in  Toronto and got two mini perfumes for free. A pretty good deal if you ask me since I was going to buy the bra either way. I  got to choose freely among the wide range of Victoria's Secret perfumes that were available at the store, and ultimately decided to go for Heavenly (and Bombshell). Heavenly is a great daytime scent that is not too heavy, which is good beacause it is suitable for every occasion. The scent wears off pretty fast, you have to smell your skin directly to be able to feel it after 3-4 hours, which is not great for those who want something that lasts all day. The scent is however, really good. I got this confirmed when I brought it to Miami and used it when my friends were in the same room. They loved the scent, and the fact that you could buy mini VS perfumes. Two days later, when we went to Victoria's Secret in Miami for their Black Friday sale, my friends each bought A LOT of these perfumes, and I am pretty sure that they both got the Heavenly one. I did not buy more of them though. I have forbidden myself from buying more perfumes (I have too many) and I only got heavenly because it was free. I am, however positively surprised by how nice it smelled. I will not buy the full size version because I really don't like buying the same perfume twice (except for when it comes to Britney Spears Fantasy), and I already have about four perfumes that I need to use. I also need to say that this size is very good for travelling, especially when you aren't checking in any luggage. The mini version of the perfume retailed for about 6 USD in Miami during Black Friday. Usually it is around 18 USD.  On the VS website it is 207 SEK for 7 ml which is equivalent to about $ 18 + a 30 % increase. I would say that this product is worth the $ 6 sale price, but it is not worth 18 USD an definitely not worth the Swedish price. If you like the scent, you are way better off getting the full size at 599 SEK or 52 USD for 50 ml.

2. E.L.F. Poreless Face primer - Most disappointing product of the year. 
I got this one because I've heard so many good things about the E.L.F primers and that they are a dupe for the very popular (but more expensive) Smashbox Photo Finish Primer. I got this in the beginning of October and it was empty by the beginning of November, which is really bad. A primer should last longer than a month and I didn't use excessive amounts when applying it. I did, however use it almost every day. When I realized that it was empty, I was really confused, because there was no way I could have used such a big bottle of primer in a month. My last primer stayed with me for five months! I started to study the packaging and take it apart and realized that E.L.F is selling a lot more air than I thought. Look at the pictures below to see what I mean. 

I felt really betrayed when I realized this. To me, this is false advertising and fraud. The whole packaging is made to look as if you get a ton of primer. The plastic is the same color as the actual primer which really makes it look like the whole bottle is filled with product. They have not written anything about how much product this primer contains. I had to look it up on a random website because E.L.F didn't have that information on their own website (of course).  It contains 13.89 ml and retails for $ 6 USD. The average drugstore primer contains at least 40 ml and retails for about 12 USD which makes the E.L.F primer a lot more expensive considering the amount of product that you get. 

I also need to mention that this packaging is not very environmentally friendly. Our environment suffers a lot from the amount of plastic that we use, and throw out. It makes me pretty angry that this, very environmentally inefficient packaging is even permitted. E.L.F could produce a bottle that is a fourth of this size and in turn,  make people throw out less plastic. 

So, now that we are done talking about the horrible packaging, we are going to move on to the actual product. This is a transparent silicone based primer that is supposed to fill in your pores and leave a good base for you to apply foundation on. It glides on to the face smoothly, makes a small difference in the visibility of pores and really doesn't change anything else at all. I skipped it sometimes and wore foundation on its own, it really didn't make a difference on how my face looked unless you looked really closely. A good thing about this primer is the tea tree scent that you feel when applying the product. It feels really nice and fresh. 

The product does not leave a particularly matte finish, and it doesn't make any difference for me when it comes to how fast my t-zone gets oily. It doesn't make the make up last longer and it doesn't improve the way my foundation looks. In other words, it is useless. The packaging is also a disaster and I am never going to buy a primer from E.L.F again. This is my worst beauty purchase of the year. However if you, for any reason are interested in buying this primer, or another primer from E.L.F, you can order it from various websites online. I found a couple of Swedish websites that had it, and if the Swedish websites have it, its probably available online in most of the world. In North America, you can get it in some drugstores. 

3. KIKO Milano Liquid Eyeliner
I got this eyeliner from my mom a long time ago, and I've used it for nicer occasions when I wanted an eye make up that would actually get noticed. The eyeliner is supposed to be black, but it is very sheer so I would call it grey. I would prefer a deep black colour because that is what I expect from an eyeliner that is supposed to be black. KIKO might have changed the formula by now, because mine was pretty old, so be aware of that when reading this review. 

The product is very easy to apply. I am not a pro when it comes to winged eyeliner and all the other cool ways that you can wear eyeliner, but it is really easy to draw a good line with this one. The line is sheer and grey, but easy to draw. The eyeliner lasts for a few hours, but not for a full day. This is an OK product, but it is far from great and I would not repurchase it. It retails for 85 SEK at the KIKO website and that is around 10 Euros. I do not know whether it is possible to get KIKO Milano products outside Europe, but don't worry, you don't want this anyway. I do, however fel bad for people who miss out on the KIKO Nailpolishes, because those are far better than their eyeliners!


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