Homemade Eggs Benedict

After visiting STHLM Brunch Club (a full review will be posted soon), my boyfriend got inspired to make his own Eggs Benedict, which basically consists of English muffins, poached eggs, ham and hollandaise. I had never tried Eggs Benedict before, but as I am a true foodie, I was very eager to try it out. We made the muffins, poached eggs and hollandaise ourselves, and used regular store-bought smoked ham.

English Muffins
We decided to make English Muffins from scratch as it is difficult to find good ones available in shops in Sweden. It took about two hours to make them, a lot of this time was devoted to letting the dough rise, so it was really easy to make. It really surprised me that English Muffins aren't supposed to be baked in the oven like most types of bread are. Instead, you use a pan with some butter, and fry them for 10 minutes on each side. This is the recipe we used.

The muffins turned out really good and we now have tons of English Muffins in the freezer. They were pretty easy to make. Just be careful with the flour ( if it feels like there is enough, don't add more just because the recipe says so) and make sure to keep the heat low on the stove when frying the muffins.

Poached Eggs
Let's be honest, since I am a pretty clumsy and impatient person, I didn't have anything to do with making the poached eggs. My boyfriend did this, and he was struggling and said that it is probably the most difficult thing that he has done in the kitchen. After a few attempts, they turned out really good. If you want to try to make poached eggs yourself, the recipe is HERE.

Hollandaise Sauce
I didn't do much when it comes to this one either. I know that it is pretty difficult to make as you cannot let it boil as it prevents the lemonade from mixing well with the butter. Also, you have to mix them little by little. If done right, it will turn out really good. The recipe is HERE.

Overall, the Eggs Benedict turned out really good. They were incredibly yummy and I love that there are so much English muffins left that I can have Eggs Benedict for breakfast all of next week if I want to.

The English Muffins looked like macarons, but larger. 

Frying Macarons

The finished result!


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