Individual Fake Eyelashes Review

Fake eyelashes is something that annoy me quite a lot. During most of my life, I have struggled with fake eyelashes. They are pricey, should not be used more than once, challenging to apply, most of them look too fake and fall off easily. At the same time, it looks incredible when it is done right and I would love to be good at applying them for special occasions.  This new years eve I decided to give fake eyelashes another shot. This time I went for individual fake eyelashes from Sasa Beauty. I got them in Hong Kong for $ 15 HKD (about $ 2 USD), which is very cheap so I thought that it wouldn't hurt to give them a go.

The eyelashes come in this little box. I got the medium size in black. Eyelash glue is not included. It is really important to read the packaging carefully before buying fake eyelashes to ensure that you know if you need to buy glue separately or not. 

The struggle was real in the bathroom when I spent 30 minutes applying lashes to ONE eye. The whole time I was just thinking that NO ONE has the time or patience for this, the lashes are going to fall off one by one during the night, the lashes are way too long, the result is uneven and I can never make this look good. Individual eyelashes are supposed to achieve a more custom-made result and a more natural result since you can apply lashes in the areas where you feel like you need it, but personally, I feel like it is a waste of time and money. Mascara takes two minutes to apply, the result is 100 times better and it won't fall of as easily as fake eyelashes. These lashes come off so easily, and even if it might be because of my lack of talent when it comes to choosing glue, I feel like regular false eyelashes are a safer bet, because if they fall off, the entire thing falls off, and you end up with your own lashes. If a few of these individual lashes fall off, you are left with a few fake lashes, and your natural lashes, and it pretty much looks like this photo down below. I would call it a disaster. 

Next time I decide to try fake eyelashes again, I'm going to  opt for regular fake lashes. I've figured that if I go for some good ones, that are supposed to look natural, the result is going to be a lot better than this time, and I won't have to spend 30 minutes to do 50 % of ONE EYE. 

This took 30 minutes to achieve and it looks so bad. Just wear mascara instead. I feel like you really have to be an eyelash pro to be able to achieve a decent result with individual fake eyelashes. 


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