Remembering 2016 part two

The second half of 2017 was probably even more eventful than the first half. I did so many things, the major ones was however when I went to Hong Kong on vacation,  and when I packed my whole life together in one 18 kg suitcase and moved to Toronto
In July, I had dinner at a really good restaurant in Stockholm called Thai Boat. 

I also hung out with these girls for the last time in 2016

Stockholm is so beautiful during the summer.

I went to Hong Kong with my family. It is definitely my most memorable vacation ever and that trip has left me with far more new impressions than any other trip that I have been to.

But first, a quick stop in Dubai

We spent a day in Shenzhen, China a city on the border to Hong Kong with over 10 million inhabitants, which is more than in all of Sweden. I only spent a couple of hours in China it felt gloomy, all the buildings were huge, and there were so many people everywhere. 

First picture of Hong Kong! A place that I still think about to this day. A city that is so dramatically different from everything that I've seen before, a city that can be gorgeous in one place and also be the dirtiest and most torn-apart place I have ever seen two blocks later. 

Hong Kong looks really beautiful from a distance.

 Probably the coolest view of 2016. I understand why the view from Victoria Peak is on so many lists of things you should see before you die. 

Market in Hong Kong

We also went to Macao, a small Portuguese colony that has its own Las Vegas!

My parents bought new bunnies!

I had brunch with my boyfriend at Kaknastornet in Stockholm. Great food, great view but really crappy cocktails. 

The bunnies right before I left for Canada. Its pretty sad that I didn't get to see them grow up. 

After packing for three weeks, regretting the decision to move to Canada for two weeks and feeling like I was going to die for one week I finally made the move to Canada. It turned out to be the one of the best decisions I have ever made. 

My second day in Canada, two really nice Canadian girls that I got to know took me to Walmart and helped me find everything I would need to survive my semester abroad. They also drove me to Walmart and back which was incredible considering how much I would have been struggling with all this stuff on the bus or even if I had taken a Uber. 
Boat cruising during my first week in Toronto.

The view from my apartment on campus

The view of Toronto from the Toronto Islands

The first time I went downtown with a couple of friends we discovered a giant store called Honest Eds that literally had everything. The store was a well-known Toronto landmark but closed down for good on December 31st because the owner had died. 

I went to Algonquin Park, a huge National Park in Canada that is home to thousands of bears. Unfortunately, we didn't get to see any.  

I tried Korean food for the first time and it was so good!

I visited Ottawa, the capital of Canada. This picture is taken in front of the Parliament.

I also got to try beavertails. So sweet but so yummy!



Quebec city. If I hadn't been to Lake Como this year, Quebec City would have been the most beautiful place I had been to this year. This city is incredible. 


 I went to Canadas Wonderland with a couple of friends.

 I had dinner at the CN tower with my boyfriend who visited from Sweden

 The best breakfast in Toronto is at School Restaurant. This is also the best breakfast I had in 2016.

 Niagara Falls

 November in Toronto was a really good one. 
Hiking in Scarborough Bluffs
 I went to Niagara Falls with my sister and mom as well. 
 Another incredible dessert experience in Toronto at Cacao 70!
The first snow came in mid- November

 A couple of friends and I ditched the Canadian winter for some Floridian summer. 
 Sunrise in Miami
 Christmas lights in Toronto. It feels really weird to see Christmas lights when I am out in Stockholm these days, because I saw so much of that in Toronto and it feels like my time in Toronto (and christmas) was forever ago, not less than a month ago. 

 Another dream dessert that earned me a 30 dollar gift card for posting this pic on my instagram.
On my way back to Sweden I got a glimpse of the city that never sleeps. 

I arrived home on Christmas eve, sick and tired but got to celebrate with this little girl.

 I spent new years eve in Åre, a ski village in the North of Sweden which was really beautiful. 

2016 was a very eventful year for me. Even though some of the things that happened were pretty incredible, I am looking forward to a less stressful 2017.


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