Remembering 2016 Part one

Before we get too far into 2017, I want to take this chance to look back on some of the moments of 2016. This was an eventful year for me in many ways, and I thought that we would look back at it from the very beginning.

I rang in the year of 2016 with some friends and my boyfriend in Stockholm

The first snow in January.

I spent a lot of time with this guy. 

My boyfriend made a house for my bunny. 

On Valentine's day, my boyfriend and I went to Japanese spa located in the Stockholm Archipelago. We had some really good teppanyaki, and a very relaxing 20 hours before going back to the city. 

Spring arrived and I went out with my bunny pretending he was a dog

I had dinner at many restaurants throughout the year, this one called Burger Shack in Stockholm was a highlight. 

In March, school finally slowed down to a normal pace, I got time to develop interests and I got really into make up and beauty. This resulted in me, ordering ordering make up all the way from Los Angeles simply because I wanted to try out the products that everyone was talking about. I made my first purchase from Kylie Cosmetics and I was positively surprised by the quality of her Lip Kits. I stopped ordering from her when the Swedish customs hit me up with some big charges for ordering from outside the EU. 

Spring arrived, here in Limhamn, Sweden

With the bunny

Enjoying the May weather in Stockholm

In May, I fell in love with brunches. 

I also started working at a new job that I had over the summer. The office had a really good view over Stockholm. 

I was really into the Kylie Lipkits

Another restaurant highlight, Den gamle och havet in Stockholm. Best italian food in Stockholm so far!

I went to Gotland to visit my grandparents who have a house there.

They took me to some beautiful places around the island.

I also went for a swim in their pool!

Back in Stockholm, I won a competition at my job and got this prize. 

My last Kylie Cosmetics order. 

School came to an end in June. This photo was taken right before celebrating the end of the semester. I took of the red lipstick after an hour. Way too much work to keep it looking good. 

 I did two really scary things this year, one of them was having a surgery that required anaesthesia. 

In June, I also went to Italy for the first time ever to visit my boyfriend who worked in Milan at the time. 

The Duomo in Milan

I also got to visit a place that has been on my bucket list for a long time, Lake Como in Italy. It is the most beautiful place I've been to in my entire life. Also, if I had to choose a day that was the best day of 2016, I would go for the day in Lake Como. 

A city called Bellagio in Lake Como


Frozen Strawberry Margarita in Bellagio. 

One of the many villages around Lake Como

June was also the last time I saw this guy. Unfortunately he passed away on the 5th of July at the age of three due to a new RVHD virus that spread among bunnies in the south of Sweden (and in many other countries in Europe) at the time. This virus is still a danger to bunnies and the vaccine that is available is not 100 % safe, so please keep your bunnies inside to prevent then from getting this virus. 


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