STHLM Brunch Club

I love trying out new places to eat, especially when it comes to brunch. For a couple of months now, I've been seeing dreamy brunch pictures from a place called Sthlm Brunch Club while scrolling through my Instagram feed. Ever since I saw the first picture, I decided that I had to go there as soon as I got back to Stockholm. Last friday, my boyfriend and I visited STHLM Brunch Club for the first time, and here are my thoughts about it.

Overall experience
First of all, don't go here in the winter, its a very popular place and there will be a line of people waiting outside that you will have to join. We came during off- hours on a Friday, and we had to wait outside in -9 degree weather which was no fun at all. Considering that it is probably even worse more people there during weekends, we decided to pull through and suffer for 30 minutes before getting inside the restaurant. We were seated at a shared table with another couple, which was fine, but I didn't like that we got seated right next to the entrance. The weather outside was really cold, and every time someone opened the door, it got really chilly. I ended up asking one of the waitresses for a different table, because I saw that the place started to clear up a little bit, and they kindly moved us further into the restaurant. After that, we got our food promptly and we didn't feel rushed by the staff to finish it within the 1 hour and 10 minutes time limit that was set for each table. I am not a fan of time limits, but in this case, I understand it. This restaurant is very popular and people are usually waiting outside to experience this restaurant.

Food style and quality
The restaurant serves  American and English breakfast and brunch dishes paired with indulgent milkshakes, smoothies and juices that look and taste incredible.  Both me and my boyfriend had the Nutella Instashake and a Full English Breakfast.

Nutella Instashake: One of the best milkshakes I have ever had. It contained just the right amount of nutella, the milkshake wasn't too thick and it was really beautiful to look at. The price was 85 SEK which equivalents around 10 dollars. It is a bit expensive for a milkshake, but this place is well known for their milkshakes and I wanted to seize this opportunity to try it.

Full English Breakfast: 2 fried eggs, Linconshire sausage from Taylors and Jones, bacon, beans, tomatoes and mushrooms with sourdough toast. This meal was good, but not fantastic. The portion size was a little bit small considering the price point (145 SEK/ 16 USD), and there was too much sausage. I would have preferred more of something else, and a smaller sausage. The bread, however was amazing, especially when you put a little bit of fried egg and beans on top of it. Yummy!

Very friendly and efficient staff despite the large amount of people waiting to be seated. Managing a restaurant that is as busy as this one has to be difficult, but even if the staff was stressed out, they did not let it show.

Very modern and urban locale, the restaurant was not that big, but didn't feel too small or too crowded either. Obviously, it needs to be bigger so that people don't have to line up outside, but once  you are in, it doesn't feel too crowded. Personally I think there should have been more comfortable chairs and maybe some curtains in the windows to create a cozier atmosphere, it was a little bit bare. Other than that, the place was very clean and nice looking.

The restaurant is located at Dalagatan 24 in Vasastan in Stockholm. The nearest subway stop is Odenplan.

This is a really nice restaurant for  brunch with friends or a significant other. Unfortunately, the line outside put me off a bit, so I won't go there unless I am okay with waiting outside for at least 30 minutes. The food was really good ( and so pretty) but the portions were a bit too small for the price point. Overall, a great place, I will be going back in the future, but not until springtime when it will be a little bit warmer outside.

Considering that the waiting time can be up to 90 minutes, going here on a saturday morning might not be the greatest idea. 

The food was great, but the portion was smaller than it looks and less sausage and more of something else would have been nice. 

This one is straight from snapchat, and it really shows how incredible this milkshake is. 

Me and my new favourite milkshake!


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