Celebrating Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is one of my favourite holidays. Not because I have a boyfriend to spend it with, but because of the beautiful flowers everywhere, cute stuffed animals and all the red, pink and heart-shaped things. I have seen so many beautiful, cute and yummy posts on Instagram and Facebook today and I thought that I would begin this post with my favourite pictures from Facebook today.

I am a huge fan of @bunnymama on Instagram. She also has a Facebook page named Eddy & Rambo Bunny where she posted these lovely images this morning. For those who don't know, the white bunny with brown spots is very into herself, hence the I <3 me text on the picture. 

Today, my boyfriend got me roses and my favourite breakfast, homemade Eggs Benedict and hot chocolate with whipped cream. After that I headed to school, and when I got back, I made a blackberry pie and we made Vietnamese pho soup together. We opted for staying in this year. I feel like today is the one day that I don't want to go a restaurant and sit with 30 other couples that I don't know. It just feels very generic and like something that everyone does just because you are supposed to. We thought that there are plenty of other days that are better for restaurants than this one. 
 Blackberry pie in the making

Vietnamese Pho soup! It was really good!


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