Favorite Instagram posts of last week

I spend a lot of time looking at beautiful pictures on Instagram. With their new save feature, I can save my favourite posts and look at them later. It is kind of like Pinterest on instagram. Since I save a lot of beautiful pictures, I thought I would share my favourite posts of the past week here, and hopefully give some tips on who to follow on Instagram.

These are my favourite pictures that I stumbled upon last week:

A breakfast in Turkey. I had no idea Turkey was this stunning. The post is from one of my favourite accounts on instagram and is perfect to follow if you're dreaming of gorgeous places on cold February mornings. 

These two are my dream dogs. So naturally, I follow a lot of Pomeranian-related accounts. This picture is one of the cutest that I have ever seen. 

I follow a lot of food accounts, especially from my favourite cities around the world. Next time I go to Los Angeles (Even if it will take a few years) I will definitely go to this place. 

More Pomeranian love. 

One of my dream vacations is a roadtrip in Italy where I will be able to visit a ton of cute villages like this one. I have a huge crush on Italy, so there are a lot beautiful Italy pictures in my Instagram feed. 


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