Favorite Instagram posts of the past week

I have summed up some of my favourite posts from my Instagram that I discovered last week, and here they are. Beware of some life goals, gorgeous food, cute animals and a beautiful view that will make you wanna hit up the airport right away.

This is just so incredibly cute. 

Major life goals. 

Hong Kong  is a very special place that offers more opportunities of a good view than any other city in the world. I could pass on the Givenchy bag and the Champagne, but waking up to that view on my birthday would be more than amazing.

One of my life goals is to go to Bunny Island (Okunoshima) in Japan. It is an island filled with bunnies that roam freely. This Instagram account specializes in pictures from Bunny Island and it is one of my favourite accounts on Instagram.

Sometimes I wish that I still lived in Toronto, and that these Smores and Nutella pancakes were available to me. Toronto is so good at dessert and I miss that a lot here in Sweden. 


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