Nicole by O.P.I: You Can!

Yesterday I rediscovered one of my favourite nail polishes that was just sitting in my drawers. This is from Nicole by O.P.I. which is, according to Wikipedia O.P.I:s own drugstore brand. A little bit strange considering that these nailpolishes are primarily sold in North America and the price is pretty much the same for Nicole by O.P.I and and the regular O.P.I. over there.  Anyway, this shade is called You Can! and it is a pearly white/beige shade that is suitable for every occasion. I've had this nail polish for about two years and it still works just fine, so the quality is pretty good. These are around 10 dollars in the United States and Canada, but sometimes you can find them for around 5 dollars.

Now I'm gonna go and have tacos for dinner with some friends!


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