Review: American Table Bar & Brasserie

Last Sunday, My boyfriend and I visited the American Table Bar and Brasserie for Brunch. I have thought about going here for a long time, we have just never gotten to it. After some convincing images on Instagram, I decided that it was time to go for it.

The dessert table

The restaurant is located at the bottom floor of the Clarion Hotel Sign in Stockholm. This is also the hotel that has a spa with a pool where you can get a fabulous view of the city.
The nearest subway station is T-centralen, and from there you will have to walk for about 10 minutes.

Getting seated
I made the reservation beforehand so no issues there. I requested a table by the window, but they didn't have any of those for only two people. Instead, we got a nice table that was in a corner, so it was a little bit more private than the others.

Food style and quality
The theme is American buffet,  so they serve classic dishes such as Eggs Benedict and Pancakes, pies, Eggs, different types of salads. They had a Smoothie stand I really liked where you got to choose between two different smoothies and have as much as you wanted. My favourite part was the dessert table. It looked so good, they had a lot of options and everything was nicely arranged. Something that I noticed both on Instagram and when I was there was that they put a lot of thought and effort into making the food look good, which I really appreciate. I do, however not appreciate that most of the warm dishes were pretty cold and you could taste that the food had been lying around there for a while. Also, the cakes were unexpectedly dry. I had a Mimosa that was average as well. They could have put in a cute looking berry or something. 

In the beginning, they were really nice and helpful, but once we had gotten our drinks and started getting food, they got slow. I had to walk up to them to get more drinks because they didn't even look at our table for a really long time. The same thing happened when we were going to pay, they took so long that at the end we just walked up to the desk and  had to pay there instead. That is not okay when you have paid 325 SEK for the brunch. 

Beautifully decorated. Large windows overlooking a square in the city. Modern.

The smoothie stand

Final thoughts
The food looked beautiful, restaurant looked beautiful, but everything tasted average except for the Smoothies, those were really good.
Pros: Beautiful
Cons: Not yummy enough.
Would I go again: No, there are a lot of other brunch places that I would rather try, and this one wasn't as good as I expected.


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