Review: Physicians Formula Happy Booster Glow & Mood Boosting powder in Translucent

I got this powder in Toronto in December while I was searching for a good drugstore-highlighter. I have always been curious about the Physicians Formula brand, mostly because of the cute packaging but also because they are one of the more expensive drugstore brands. I know its not always the case, but I always assume that the quality is better with a higher price tag, even though I have been proven wrong countless times. This powder was chosen by Temptalia as the best budget setting powder of 2015. For the full list of the winners of their Editor's choice awards of 2016, click here.

So why did I want a highlighter? Everyone knows about the highlighter hype these days, and at that time it was my last week in Canada. I knew this was my last week being able to buy cheap make up. So I thought I would try and see why highlighters are so hyped and why even people with oily skin use them.

How did I browse for a highlighter but came out with a powder? Truth is, this product was very shimmery in the beginning so I thought it was a highlighter even though it didn't particularly say so. Also, it was on sale so I naturally went for it since it was cheaper than the other ones on the  shelf. I have been using this as a highlighter and thought it wasn't pigmented or glittery enough for months! It was only recently that I discovered that this is actually a powder which altered my opinion about the product. So this is actually a setting powder that is supposed to give a little bit of glow, which is completely wrong for my oily skin type. It works okay as a highlighter though, at least for highlighting the bridge of the nose. It is not pigmented or glittery enough to give my cheeks any glow, so I have given up on that. I have also used this as a blush and it came out nicely. You can get a nice variety of shades from this blush and use it for whatever purpose you want. It works ok as a highlighter, great as a powder if you have dry skin and great as a blush for any skin type.

The packaging is very steady and pink. The powder comes with a mirror and a brush that is located underneath the powder so you need to lift it up to see the brush and mirror. I appreciate that they included a mirror and a brush (even though the brush is pretty bad).

 However, when you buy it, it makes you think that you get more product than you are actually getting. You get 0.4 oz or 11 grams which is average when it comes to powders. It applies smoothly, but is not very pigmented. I had to do two layers to get the swatches below. You can see on the picture that this works well as a blush and you get four shades in one product.

The finish was very glittery when I first used the blush, now that I've used it for a bit, most of the glitter is gone and the result is a lot more matte which means that the product could work better as a setting powder now compared to when it was new. Unfortunately this product doesn't last very well on me as I have oily skin and blush/highlighter is just the type of make up that typically disappears on me after a few hours. This could, however be really good for people with dry skin. 

A quick demo of how I use this product. 

The powder retails for around 14 USD and is available at drugstores in North America. 

Final thoughts: Beautiful packaging, not suitable for my skin type but works beautifully as a blush now that most of the glitter is gone. 
Pros: Multi-purpose product, probably a great setting powder for people with dry skin. 
Cons:Not very pigmented and the brush feels cheap (probably because it was).
Repurchase: No, this products is not suitable for my skin type. I have made it work for different things than it is intended to so I can still use it, but I prefer using the right products for the right purposes. 


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