Beauty order

I recently made an online order for some goodies that I was running out of. I got a large (125ml) bottle of Moroccan Oil, which prevents my hair from looking like a complete mess when I wash it in the morning and don’t have time to straighten it. If I leave some of this in my wet hair, and brush it, and then brush it again 20-30 minutes later and my hair ends up looking a lot smoother and tangles less. I also got a new concealer because I was running out of my last one. I opted for this Rimmel Match Perfection one because it was on sale, and it didn’t seem too bad. So far, it’s been doing a decent job. The tube did, however arrive half empty so either I got a bad one, or they only fill them up by 50%. Either way, it’s annoying.

I also got some new pore strips. Unfortunately, these are the only ones that I have seen in Sweden and available online. They do a decent job, but the Nivea ones only come with about six strips, and other brands usually manage to sell 8 or 10 for a lower price than the 59 SEK that I paid. I used a coupon code to get a free gift, which was some wet wipes. Not something that I usually use or need, but they were free so why not


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