Luleå Day 1

I got back from Luleå pretty late last night, and it exceeded my expectations by far. The city itself wasn't that special, but the nature, landscape and the snow was incredible. They live a completely different lifestyle up there with scooters, sleds everywhere and the ability to utilize the ocean as land for a couple of months every year. I have had some really cool winter experiences this weekend and I have been truly amazed by how stunning winter was over there. The reason why all of my family (including grandparents and cousins) went there was to celebrate my dads 50th birthday.

I thought I would do a resume of my weekend up there to share the beautiful pictures that I took. I also made a video but we will see if and in that case when it shows up here. I had a lot of fun making it though!

So, last friday I got to the airport at around 10 AM where all of my family were waiting. Since they were flying from a different city and had a stopover in Stockholm, they were there way ahead of me. We got together, had some breakfast at Joe & the Juice (their avocado sandwiches are really good), before I boarded my flight. It was a short but good flight, and I left a grey Stockholm for a sunny Luleå, which gave me a really good impression of the city and Northern Sweden in general. We landed at a completely white airfield, and the surroundings were stunning. As we travelled to the hote from the airport, we were amazed by the beauty of all the snow. It had been snowing for 72 hours straight until the day before we arrived and there was more than one meter of snow. My brother who hadn't really experienced snow this season until now, was incredibly excited and I had a great time watching him swim in the snow and run up on every snow pile in the city. 

We approached our hotel at around 3 PM, had some chill time. My sister and I went out to take some photos by a frozen lake (stunning!) and we met up with the rest of the group at a pub called Bishops Arms before we went for our real dinner. The dinner was incredible and I will share a lot more information about it in a separate post. The dinner lasted for hours and afterwards we took a walk around the quiet and empty city. We met wolf-like dog and its incredibly nice owner that explained to us why we wouldn't be seeing any northern lights during our trip. My brother and I also tried an ice slide that was lit up in beautiful colours, which was a lot of fun even though I might be a bit too old for that stuff. 

The completely white airfield. I can't even describe how nice it felt to leave a grey city for this. 

My excited brother

A shot of the lake

My bro is having fun

The sign is completely covered in snow. 


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