Luleå Day 2

Our second day in the far north of Sweden started with a nice hotel breakfast. The hotel offered a nice variety of food and I had everything from pancakes and scrambled eggs to a really nice sandwich with salmon, cucumber, lettuce and tomatoes. To top everything off, I had some muffins and other sweet things that were available. 

After breakfast we went out to for a small stroll in the city and then out on the ice. Today there was an event called Luleå on ice which prevented us from going dog sledding because the dogs were rented for this event that offered free dog sledding for kids. My brother got to try it out however, and he thought it was a lot of fun. I mostly thought that the dogs were cute, but really noisy and unfortunately they smelled pretty bad after running around that much. 

Dog sledding

After the dog sledding, we walked over to an island in the archipelago that offered Swedish Fika. 

On the ice with my brother. I have never experienced that its so cold so you can actually walk on the ice. 

On our way to the island. 
Luleå seen from the ice.

The walk took about 30 minutes one way. My grandparents were pretty tired afterwards. 

It was so beautiful when we approached the island.

We sat down, managed to make a fire and have hot chocolate outside.It didn't even feel that cold despite that it was about -10 celsius.

My bro sledding back to the city. 

After the island adventure, we had some more fika with semlor in the city, then we got back to our hotel for some rest, some of us went to a spa, and I went studying. For dinner, we went to the Bishops Arms located next to the hotel. After that, we were so tired. I actually went to bed at 10 pm, which is rare. 


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