Luleå Day 3

This was our last day up north, so we spent a long time enjoying the hotel breakfast before we headed out to today's little journey. We went to a small village named Gammelstad, which is the area where Luleå originated from. It was filled with cute red houses, tons of snow, a beautiful church and it was surrounded by a beautiful snow covered landscape. I would say that it was the most beautiful place that I have seen during the entire trip. It was also really quiet, and almost deserted. Very few people were there, and the only thing that was open was a small cafe and a tourist shop. This was actually the first weekend of the year when these two places were open again for the season.

After spending a few hours in the village, we went back to the city, packed all of our stuff and headed for the airport to get home. It was a nice couple of days with real winter, but it was also nice to get back to some warmer temperatures in Stockholm.

Here are some pictures from the last day of our trip!

The village

Stunning nature

Snow piles. I actually decided to slide down this one. 

In the woods

My bro is climbing

Gorgeous scenery. 


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