New skincare

I am very fond of the skincare products at the Swedish pharmacies. They are generally better than the typical drugstore products, and less expensive than high-end skincare products. I recently got these three products from ACO and Eucerin. I have used the day and night moisturizers before and been pleased with them, but the eye cream is new to me. 

I am well aware that most people don't use eye cream, but it is actually a very important product. Before I started using it, I thought that it was just a moisturizer that is more expensive and in a smaller packaging that exists only to make people buy more products. I do, however suffer from dry skin around the eyes (while the rest of my skin is oily) and I learned that eye cream really helped me with that issue. The skin around the eyes is a lot thinner and more delicate than in the rest of the face, so having a product that is targeted specifically towards the eye area is essential for a nice looking eye-area and it reduces the visibility of wrinkles and dark circles as well. 

The day and night creams have a fresh scent to them that I really like and that I usually only notice in high-end products. To me, a nice scent is vital for any product and this scent and the heavy packaging makes these moisturizers feel more luxurious than they really are. These moisturizers worked well for me two years ago, I might do a full review on them once I learn more about them, especially  if my experience with them is different from last time. 

Prices and availability:
The products are available at Swedish pharmacies and online. 

ACO protecting day cream: 209 SEK
ACO restoring night cream: 219 SEK
Both are currently available on sale for 50% off the price listed above HERE and HERE
Eucerin Aquaporin active eye care: 165 SEK


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