Skincare Empties

Over the past month, I have gone through three skincare products that are from completely different parts of the world. This post features an eye cream from  Canada, a moisturizer from Hong Kong, and a hand cream that I got from a friend in Russia. 

1. Caudalie - Premier cru the eye cream
I got this 7 ml deluxe sample when I purchased some products on the Sephora website in Canada. It is a rather luxurious product considering that the full size bottle is only 15 ml and retails for around 100 USD. So I got 50 % of that size, for free. Sephora in North America is generous when it comes to gifts and samples. This product was, however not better than any other eye cream that I have used. It didn't make a major difference to my dark circles and eye bags, and it didn't feel particularly nice to apply or wear either. The sample lasted me for about four months. Caudalie is a well-known natural and paraben-free French skincare brand that features a wide range of luxury skincare products, so I am rather disappointed that this one didn't perform better. However, since it did the job, I could give it 3 stars out of 5, but due to the price and the small value you get for your money, I will only give it 2 out of 5 stars. 

2. Soo Beauté - Sweet Melon Rehydrating Sorbet Cream
I got this one last summer when on vacation in Hong Kong, and I instantly fell in love with the sweet melon scent and the sorbet consistency. Melon is my favourite fruit and I love everything about it, so I naturally had to get this moisturizer. The cream looks just like a light green sorbet, and smells like heaven. It applies easily onto the skin and sinks into it fast. I used this one every morning throughout fall and winter and it was a pure joy to smell it every day. Most of the information about the product is written in Korean, so it is hard to share more information about the product. I can, however tell  that it is suitable for normal skin. However, I can't say that it is horrible for oily skin either as it didn't make my skin oilier than it had been before. It was  decently priced at around 10 USD or 100 HKD.  They also have a lemon sorbet version which smelled just like the ice cream. The product contains 100 ml and lasted me for about three months. It works as a day and night cream and is originally from Korea. They also recommended applying a thick layer of the product and keep it on as a face mask over the night, which I did and it made my skin feel like velvet in the morning. 
I would give this one 4 out of 5 stars. If it had been directed towards oily skin and actually made a difference in that way, it would have received 5 out of 5 stars. 

3. Velvet Hands - Skin softening Hand Cream
I have had this hand cream in my collection since 2014, when I got it from a friend who brought it home from Russia. It contains a vast amount of product, 80 ml to be precise. It has a mild cocoa butter scent, which won't overpower other scents that you may wear, or make people around you ask where the lovely scent came from. The cream sinks into the skin fast, so there is no need to wait for it to dry after application. The packaging is rather dull, and as you can see, it only gets uglier when you are using it. Everything on it is written in Russian, so you won't be able to read much about the product unless you know the language.  My skin felt dry again pretty fast after using this product, so I reapplied ut 3-4 times a day to keep my hands soft. It served its purpose as a decent hand cream, but it wasn't extraordinary in any way. The product is available in Russia, and online for about four dollars. I would give it 3 out of 5 stars, as it is decent and serves its purpose.

So, the winner in this empties session is the Korean melon moisturizer, it is a true treat and I recommend everyone to buy it online and try it out!


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