What we did in England - Day 1 - Oxford

This day was kicked off bright and early, 04:45 AM to be precise. We were at the airport by 7 AM and the flight departed at 7:50 AM, which is a little bit too tight for my nerves. The flight was good, and the breakfast that we got on it was surprisingly good for an airplane breakfast. Two hours later, we landed at a grey Heathrow. We really left good weather for grey weather this morning.

Sweden from above

Landing at Heathrow

We took a bus from Heathrow to Oxford, which took us just above an hour. The English landscape was really green and beautiful on the way there. In Oxford, our friend that we hadn't seen for two months met up with us and we had lunch at her university. After that, she had class, and the rest of us went exploring. 

We came across these boats in the river. Apparently punting is popular in Oxford and you could rent your own boat and go punting in the river. It did however seem rather difficult so we never tried that.

Magdalen College, one of the colleges of Oxford University

A church at Magdalen College. Look at all the detailed engravings in the wall. 

Beautiful yard at Magdalen college.

One of the reading rooms


 Spring has sprung
We also discovered one of the main sights in Oxford, the Radcliffe Camera, which isn't even a camera, its the building behind me. 

The main street in Oxford

Beautiful cakes for Mothers day. 

The covered market in Oxford.

St Marys Church

Magdalen College

Beautiful walk at the Magdalen College, that even had a separate reindeer park. 

Later that day, we made it to a few stores, such as Primark, Boots  and Marks & Spencer for some shopping. In the evening, we headed out to dinner at a pub in Oxford, and after that to a bar with a cozy rooftop terrace. We stayed there until about 1 AM when we finally went to sleep after being awake for about 20 hours. 


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