What we did in England - Day 2 - Oxford

This morning we were really tired and woke up late, after getting ready, we started hunting for breakfast downtown. We ended up having a late banana pancake breakfast at Quod Restaurant on High Street, which had  beautiful interior and yummy pancakes that was perfect to start the day off with. The restaurant had stopped serving breakfast an hour ago when we arrived, but they were kind enough to make pancakes just for us. 

Banana pancakes and  hot chocolate. Such a yummy way to start off the day. 

After breakfast, we headed to Radcliffe Camera, shown in the image below. We went up in St Marys Church and after climbing the narrow stairways up to their small balcony, we got a stunning view over the Radcliffe Camera and Oxford.

We got a pretty lovely view. 

After St Marys Church, we headed to Pauls Bakery to grab some cake and coffee/tea and then sat ourselves outside the Oxford Union building. We had fika in the sun, talked and looked at the beautiful trees and flowers in the garden. After that, our friend gave us a tour of the Oxford Union building, and we got to see her favourite library. 

Paul's had a lovely assortment of pastries. I wouldn't mind having that bakery a little bit closer to home. 

One of the main shopping streets in Oxford. 

Fika in the Oxford Union garden with a lovely white tree  in the background. 

The gorgeous Oxford Union library

The gorgeous white trees seen from the second floor of the Oxford Union building. 

After the fika break, we headed to Christchurch, a well-known Harry Potter filming location and one of the most famous sights in Oxford. 

The garden at Christchurch

The main entrance

The moving stairways from Harry Potter.

The great hall. The people in the portraits are unfortunately not moving in real life. 

The stunning church

Catching sunrays in the courtyard.

After the Christchurch visit, we had a late lunch at Yo Sushi and then met up with one of our friends friend from her exchange named Lu. The four of us went on a long walk to the outskirts of Oxford and ended up at a lovely nature area called Park Meadow. We said hi to horses and took some lovely photos in the sunset. 

Gorgeous tree that we found during our walk

Port Meadow

After we had our dose of nature in Park Meadow, we headed back home for predrinks, then we went to the bar we were at the night before, which was on top of the Covered Market. Then we went to one of the most well-known clubs in Oxford called Bridge where we stayed until 3-4 AM. They played the weekend at my request and it was a pretty good night that ended with late night kebab before going to bed. 


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