What we did in England Day 3 - London

On this day, we woke up really late since we had been out to 4 or 5 am the night before, so we didn't have breakfast until 12 pm in Oxford. After that, we packed our things and rushed on a bus to London. About 80 minutes later, we had arrived to a sunny London and checked into our hotel. 

Had to take a picture of this lovely cupcake counter that we passed by. 

We went out on Oxford street, made a couple of quick stops in some of the shops, and spent some time at Tk Maxx (a large outlet shop) near Tottenham Court Road. Then it started getting late and we had dinner plans with some other friends, so we took an Uber (which we had to wait for forever) back to the hotel and got ready for dinner and then going out. 

Waiting for our Uber

We got ready in a complete rush, I realized that my only pair of high heels were missing (high heels are mandatory when going out in London, regardless of how tall you are). So on our way to the restaurant, our Uber driver dropped me of at Oxford street so I could buy heels. I went into Primark and got the first ones that I actually liked, and had to wait in a really long checkout line to pay. I then, somehow managed to find my way back to restaurant Gaucho, have a really yummy dinner and then go out. One of our friends had arranged for us to go clubbing with a promoter, since that would give us access to one of the most popular clubs in London, which was called Libertine. Apparently both Drake, Rihanna and other celebrities have been there a couple of times. So we met up our promoter, got into the club, sat at his table and got free drinks the whole night. Another cool thing was that the bottles had some kind of lightbulbs in them, so they were literally lit. The whole experience was definitely different from going out in Stockholm. The people in the club had also gone all in with their club outfits, and you could definitely say that London takes clubbing to the next level. We got out of the club at 4am, it was freezing outside and we had to wait forever for our Uber again, eventually it showed up and we could go back to our hotel and to bed for a few hours of sleep before checking out at 10:30 AM. 

Unfortunately, this was a very hectic day, so I didn't think that much about taking pictures. My video footage shows a lot more of what we did and how everything was than the pictures that I have, but it was an interesting day, filled with plenty of cool experiences. 

The club before people had started to arrive. 


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