Drugstore Make up Empties

I have used up a lot of products recently, especially when it comes to drugstore make up. I tend to use a lot of drugstore make up for every day occasions like school, work and studying since I don't want to waste my more expensive make up products. These are all products that I bought in Canada last fall. 

1. L'Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation
When it comes to oily skin, this foundation is said to be one of the best in the drugstore. People on Youtube can't stop raving about and, I have seen several people call it a dupe for the famous Estee Lauder DoubleWear foundation. Unlike that foundation, this one comes in a plastic tube that makes it easy to get all the product out. I got it at Walmart, in the lightest shade (of course) and it retailed for around 12 to 15 Canadian dollars, which is the average for drugstore foundations in North America. I used it every day for school and work, so it was my go-to foundation. It applies easily with a beauty blender and gives a matte and even complexion. The finish is demi-matte so you definitely need a powder to set the product and to keep your face matte all day. This one kept my face matte for about three hours, so it's not one of the worst foundations that I have tried, but it is not one of the best ones either. My favourite is the Estee Lauder DoubleWear, and it keeps my skin matte for 1-2 hours longer than this one, and also makes my face look smoother. This foundation is available in North America, I haven't seen it in Europe and I have heard that it isn't available in Australia or New Zealand either.

Final thoughts: Good packaging, easy to use.
Pros: Works well as an every day foundation
Cons: Doesn't keep my face matte for very long
Repurchase: Maybe, it depends on whether there are any new, more exciting foundations that I want to try out. I don't like wearing fancy make up every day, so this is a great option for a cheaper foundation.

When I was in Canada, I did a video review on this foundation that I never uploaded. I took the time to edit and upload it on Youtube last weekend. So give that a watch if you are curious about this product. 

2. Maybelline Instant Age rewind concealer
This is one of the most famous drugstore concealers available on the market today. It has been around for many years, bit is still a rare sight in Sweden, where I live now. I got this one at Walmart in Canada at the same time as I got the previously discussed foundation. It comes in a plastic packaging with an attached application sponge. If you turn the wheel at the bottom of the product, concealer comes out through the sponge. Really simple and practical. I got the lightest shade available, but I felt that it wasn't light enough for me. It covered everything it was supposed to, but wouldn't  serve very well for highlighting purposes for someone with a fair skin tone. I used this every day under my eyes to cover dark circles, and to cover acne and other discrepancies as well. It does a pretty good job when it comes to coverage, but not as good as a stick concealer would. A common issue that I have with  liquid concealer is that I feel that the product covers around the area that I want covered, but doesn't provide enough coverage on the actual spot. And this one is no exception.

After application, I blend in the product with a beauty blender and set it with powder. The concealer lasts all day, but I would not say that it keeps the skin matte all day. The color stays, but the matte finish goes. I have seen people comparing this one to the Tarte Shape Tape concealer, which basically owns the market when it comes to high end concealers. Due to its popularity, I never managed to get a hold of that concealer, so I can't compare the two. The Maybelline Age Rewind is widely available in North America, but it is rare in Sweden. I have seen it in London, so it is available in the UK as well. Otherwise, it is always possible to get it online. It retails for around 10 dollars, which is a bit higher than average for a drugstore concealer. 

Final thoughts: Easy and smooth application, good for every day use. 
Pros: Easy to apply,  decent coverage. 
Cons: Doesn't cover better than most other liquid concealers. 
Repurchase: Maybe, it depends on whether there are any new, more exciting concealers that I wanna try out. If there aren't, this is a good option for when I run out of my current concealer. 

3. Covergirl The supersize fibers mascara
I bought this one thanks to a recommendation from the first youtube that I subscribed to, Lauren Curtis. According to the CoverGirl website, this mascara is supposed to give you 400 % more volume and a false lash- extension effect. It is available in various shades of brown and black, I had the darkest one and I used it every day for the three months that I had it. I am a huge fan of long, full lashes, so I didn't limit myself to two or three layers, I layered mascara until I felt like I had achieved the desired effect. Even though this mascara markets itself as a product that will give you supersize lashes, the effect is way less dramatic than they want to convey. It is a really good mascara, but it is not THAT much better than the other mascaras out there. The product applies smoothly and evenly on the lashes, and you can definitely do a few layers without getting the undesirable spider-leg effect. Sometimes, I used a lash curler before applying the mascara, but as it didn't make a major difference, I was being kind of a slacker in that aspect. 

As with every other mascara I have ever tried, the effect wears off throughout the day, so if you want good lashes for nighttime as well, you will have to reapply the product. I wouldn't say that it wears off in a messy way though, and you won't get streaks or anything like that. Instead, it comes off in really small pieces when you rub your eyes and things like that. Another positive thing about this product is that it dries fast onto the lashes. One of my pet-peeves when it comes to make up is when the mascara rubs off onto my eyelids right after application. Fortunately, that was a rare event with this mascara. CoverGirl is rarely available in Europe, but their sister brand Max Factor is everywhere.   Max Factor has a mascara that is said to be a dupe of the CoverGirl Supersize fiber mascara, this one is named Max Factor Masterpiece Transform.

The CoverGirl mascara is available in North America, Australia and probably a few other countries as well, otherwise, it is available online in one way or another for people in most countries. It retails for around 8 dollars. 

Final thoughts: I really liked this mascara and the dramatic effect that I could achieve with it.
Pros: Easy to apply, possible to get really dramatic lashes. 
Cons: Did rub off throughout the day. 
Repurchase:I actually had plans to buy another one of these in Canada, but instead, I ended up buying a different mascara for myself, and this one for my sister since she had heard so many good things about it and was really curious to try it out as well. 


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