What I bought in London Part 2

Better late than never. These are all the non-beauty items that I bought when I was in London earlier this spring.

First of all, two magnets. I started collecting magnets when I was in Milan last summer, and now I have a pretty decent collection, especially when it comes to Canadian magnets. On this trip, I got two really beautiful ones. One from Oxford and one from London.

If I were to choose one item from my trip that I love the most, it would be this baby bunny pillow. It is so cute with the fluffy tail detail. I got this one at Marks & Spencer in Oxford.

The clothes that I got. From left to right, one blue dress from Ralph Lauren, two tops from Forever 21, one blouse from Forever 21, one golden party top from Miss Selfridge and one navy top from Dorothy Perkins. 

Some of the other things that I bought. Scroll down for close ups :)

Tea and Hot chocolate. I love tea and I love buying it in England. My favourite tea brand is Whittard of Chelsea. 

Whittard of Chelsea, Lychee & Mango Flavour Instant Tea: Lychee is one of my favourite fruits, and mango is not that bad either, so I naturally had to pick this tropical tea. This is Instant tea which essentially means that there aren't any leaves. Instead, there is a powder formula that kind of looks like beige sugar. Add two teaspoons of this to hot water and your tea is done. It is already pretty sweet as well, so there is no need to add sugar. 

Whittard of Chelsea, Creme Brûlée White hot chocolate: I have been a fan of Whittard of Chelseas white hot chocolate since 2006 or something when I visited London for the first time. Since then, they have come out with a couple of different versions of the hot chocolate. I discovered the Creme Brûlée one in 2015 and I didn't have to think twice about repurchasing it on this trip. 

Whittard of Chelsea, Strawberry Serenade: This fruit-infused tea had such a lovely smell in the store, so I had to get it. A lovely detail about it is that the tea leaves make the hot water completely pink. 

Marks & Spencer, Bursting Blueberry, Pomegranate & Acai berry tea: I love berry teas, and this one was too tempting to resist. Just like the Whittard of Chelsea Strawberry serenade, the hot water turns pink when you add the tea bag. 

I love home fragrances and scented candles, and I love Primark for making it so affordable. I smelled all the scents in the homeware section and Wild Orchid & Honey and Raspberry & Vanilla ended up being my favourites. 

Some really basic Primark items. Tights, gel cushions for heels, socks (my favourite item at Primark) and hair clips for when I curl my hair. I have to say something about the weather sensor tights that I got. They are incredible. I tried them when we went out in Oxford and they didn't get any holes whatsoever for the whole night. I have pretty long nails and I am usually forced to throw out my tights after one use, but not with these. They still look like as if they were new, which is pretty cool for Primark tights. Since they are weather sensor tights,  they were warmer than regular tights when I was outside, but they weren't warmer than any other tights when I was in the club. 

These golden heels were an impulse purchase from Primark that I got after realizing right before going out that I didn't have heels. Heels are unfortunately a must when going out in London, so I just had to go and buy the first decent-looking pair that I saw when everyone else was at dinner. 

When I was at Marks & Spencer, I realized that I don't own any basic black heels, which usually everyone owns at least one pair of. It is a pretty basic item that I feel like I will be able to wear to many occasions. 


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