What we did in England - Day 5 - London

As this was our last day in London, we had to make the most of it. So today was the day when we tried to fit in everything that we wanted to do, but hadn't had time to do earlier during our trip.

We kicked off the dat with a walk across Hyde park towards the Kensington area for some shopping on Kensington High Street. They have all the great stores, but its way less crowded than on Oxford Street. 

Hyde Park is so beautiful during spring. 

After spending some time on Kensington High Street, we went further on to Chelsea. 

We ended up at a really nice restaurant named Bluebird, which is apparently also popular among celebrities. Its too bad that we never saw any. 

We kicked off the ros√® season and I had a nice chicken burger. 

We took the bus back and sat in the tourist seats on upper deck. 

We went to Chinatown to have the Insta-famous Bubblewrap waffles with strawberries and nutella. Unfortunately, the line was three hours so we had to skip it. 

Instead, we grabbed some goodies here for some fika in the park. 

We also did some quick last minute shopping on Regent Street

We had a quick stop for fika in Hyde Park in the lovely weather by the Diana Memorial. After the fika, we grabbed our bags at the hotel, went to the airport and began our journey back to a rather chilly Sweden. 


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