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I was gifted a few new products when I got home two days ago:

Apolosophy Shower Foam: This is essentially just a shower gel, but it is a foam formula with raspberry and sweet rhubarb scent. The foam also contains moisturizing ingrediens such as shea butter and olive oil. I haven't used it yet, but I did open it and put some of the product on my arm. It smells amazing but it is very easy to get too much product with this one. 

Vichy Idealia Peeling: This is a radiance activating night peeling care, so you apply it with a cotton pad before your usual night routine and leave it there. It is supposed to give the skin a smoother texture and a soft feeling. I have actually tried this one before and my first impression of the product was good. My skin had improved a lot the next day, It was smoother and looked a lot healthier. 

Eucerin DermatoClean Micellar Cleaning Fluid: This is pretty similar to a micellar water which you use to remove make up, but you can also use it as a cleanser and toner. I have mixed feelings about multi-purpose products. It is nice to be able to use one product for many purposes, but sometimes I feel like these products give me poor results. 

I am really excited to get to know these products and if any of them stand out in one way or another, I will be sure to do a full review!


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